Light, Bright and Black-Out Blinds

Anyone who lives in a Victorian house knows it’s not ideal for today’s lifestyle. Victorian houses are built with small rooms, easy to keep warm and often quite dark! Nowadays we knock down walls to create open layouts and want our homes to be light and bright! If you like me live in a more or less densely populated area, read London, you also know that opening up the layout and get the light to flow means two things: you’re neighbors might  be able to peek down into your kitchen or living area and your home might in the few days when it’s summer and bright sun become very very hot hot! Despite chosing Velux rood windows instead of just glass panels/ structures, with the benefit of being able to open (and easy clean) you might from time to time need to be able to block the light! What’s the solution? It’s easy peasy, VELUX has a large number of not just extremely well fitted and easy to install blinds, but also stylish solutions for all types of rooms! As we’re end-of terrace and no one can peek into the kitchen, I have only chosen to fit blinds in the loft that was fitted out with three large VELUX windows for maximum light, but as it is also used as a bedroom there’s a need for both darkness and in the summer months, to some extent to control the heat. The blinds were super easy to fit and I selected a shade of white to match the ceiling, a decision I have not regretted as they still look great, they operate smoothly and if I ever want to can swap them to match any new interior, a win-win!
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