A New Project

I am so, so ready for a new project! I just have so many ideas that I want/ need to try, new materials, new looks, new trends… I haven’t decided yet but I leaning toward an apartment not a house.  I’m thinking smaller, but also the potential of doing a few more than just one and potentially having more than just one on the go at the same time. Even considering doing it more “professional” i.e. maybe not even move in, but just renovate, then fluff with the most up to date trend, stage and straight back on the market. I’m not sure how many you could do on an annual basis, especially if you are like me doing most of it myself.  I’m thinking something like the pictures below, smallish but not tiny that can be made into an amazing compact living pad! The sites I sue the most for inspiration are Hemnet, Alvhem and ESNY.

One thing that I always do when having a project on the go is, starting painting,  plastering or sanding thinking I’ll only do this tiny little amount and then change in to proper gear and continue. Resulting in my cloths, usually more or less expensive gym tights ending up becoming stained with white blobs. Obviously never able to clean the gear and therefore ending up with tons of clothes not suitable for anything but continue doing house work in… This time I have promised myself that I will “invest” in some proper clothes to do the work in, making me look like a total professional, like these , totally professional and good looking gear!

                                                Photos: Hemnet

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